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Firhouse Carmel Football Club

All DDSL League Fixtures & Results including League Standins are posted on the DDSL link:

Firhouse Carmel Football Club

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Firhouse Carmel Football Club

The Stricker in the Helald is the official publisher of fixtures each week.
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Match Reports:

The Retreat Line will be introduced at Under 11 from 24th/25th September 2016

This already exists up to Under 11.....


Retreat Line: Opposing players must retreat six meters outside the box .ie Retreat Line…when the goalkeeper is taking a kick-out or rolling the ball out.


Opposing players cannot advance until the ball is received by the full backs etc. However ONE opponent will be allowed to remain inside the retreat line so as to introduce an element of pressure while all others must move outside the retreat line.


Retreat Lines should be marked out with ‘Disc Yellow ‘ cones –


Goalkeeper cannot kick the ball out from his hands, he can kick from the ground…as a pass but not long or high. They can roll/throw the ball out. The goalkeeper is not allowed handle the ball from a back pass.

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